The Marine Medical Society is the only medical professional Society looking at medical problems related to the Marine environment, be it on surface, sub-surface or in the air. The Indian Navy has its operations in all the three environments. It is therefore befitting that the Society is being nurtured by the Naval Medical Fraternity. The society was founded in 1976 under the dynamic leadership of Surgeon Rear Admiral DRF Pinto PVSM, AVSM (Rtd), the then DMS (Navy). Since then, the society holds an annual meeting where its members, drawn from the fraternity of medical personnel, naval personnel such as combat divers, submariners and aviators, professional divers etc., hold scientific deliberations. Over the years the ambit of the society has grown further with the addition of fields like Nuclear medicine, Human Machine interface in the maritime environment, Safety in the subsurface, sea and air as well as the ever expanding horizons of Hyperbaric Medicine. The society needs to incorporate disciplines like human engineering in ship and submarine design and ergonomics, as, with further advancement in propulsion systems and underwater endurance the human being is becoming the weakest member in the chain.

The Marine Medical Society holds an annual conference every year, where delegates from all walks of medicine, divers, submariners, Naval Aviators and research scientists deliberate on scientific matters. This year’s annual conference is proposed to be held on 06 & 07 Nov 15 at INHS Asvini auditorium.

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